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Godbeast Behemoth (X Rare Special Pack Vol. 1) (BSS01-083) [Battle Spirits Saga Promo Cards]

by Bandai
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Set Name: Battle Spirits Saga Promo Cards
Card Number: BSS01-083
Release Date: TBA
Rarity: Promo
Card Type: Spirit
Cost: 8
Color: Yellow
Spirit Type: Fabled Beast
Flavor Text: At the head of the Interregional Sports Competition Committee was the Godbeast, the largest being in the Land of Beasts.
When summoning this spirit card from your hand, you may use the symbols of any spirit cards in your trash that cost 2 in addition to the symbols on your field to reduce its cost.

[LV II] [LV III] When This Spirit Attacks

Your spirits that cost 2 cannot be blocked by your opponent's spirits that are LV2 or higher during this turn.