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Jewel Dragon Smagg (Championship Card Set 2023 Vol. 2) (EX01-005) [Battle Spirits Saga Promo Cards]

by Bandai
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Set Name: Battle Spirits Saga Promo Cards
Card Number: EX01-005
Release Date: TBA
Rarity: Promo
Card Type: Spirit
Cost: 4
Color: Red
Spirit Type: Ruin Dragon
Flavor Text: The resurrection of the Voidlords was prophesied by the dragon who harbored the jeweled Elementals in his body.

Treat this spirit's color and symbol color as purple, white, yellow, green, and blue as well as red.

[LV I] [LV II] [LV III] When Summoned

Draw a card if you have fewer cards in your hand than your opponent has in theirs.

[LV II] [LV III] When Summoned

Place a core from the void into your trash.