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Ripper Princess Azales (Judge Pack Vol. 2) (BSS02-035) [Battle Spirits Saga Promo Cards]

by Bandai
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Set Name: Battle Spirits Saga Promo Cards
Card Number: BSS02-035
Release Date: TBA
Rarity: Promo
Card Type: Spirit
Cost: 2
Color: Purple
Spirit Type: Nightling
Flavor Text: Opposing the Undead were their fellow denizens in the Realm of Gloom, the Nightlings.
[LV I] [LV II] [LV III] While This Spirit Attacks

[Curse] (If one of your opponent's spirits blocks, destroy it when the battle ends.)

[LV I] [LV II] [LV III] When Summoned

If you summon this spirit from your hand, discard the top card of your deck. Exhaust this spirit if the discarded card is not a spirit card.