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Army Painter Miniature and Model Drill

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The Army Painter’s Hobby Drill is a well-known, versatile, and essential tool for customizing miniature figures and models. It can drill holes in metal, resin and plastic miniatures with the drill bits provided in the handle case and can fit up to a 3mm drill bit size.

The Pin Vise, as it’s also called, can be used for various purposes, including drilling pilot holes for pinning miniatures, expanding openings for conversions, or simply adding intricate details.

With the Hobby drill in your arsenal, a new world of customization possibilities opens up. You can modify and enhance your models and scenery by adding new components, weapons, or other details such as bullet holes, rivets, or texture on surfaces like armor or clothing.

Because the pin vise’s design is like that of a pen, it is easy and comfortable to hold and control. Designed specifically for small-scale work, it offers greater precision and control than larger, more powerful drills. It allows you to create modifications in even the most confined and tightest of spaces.

When using power drills or larger tools, there’s a risk of over-drilling or damaging fragile materials like plastic, resin, or metal. A pin vise minimizes this risk, as you have complete control over the pressure applied and can work at a slower, more manageable pace.

Complete your drill bit set with Drill Bits for more variety in bit sizes (10 bits) to finish any task involving miniatures.

Overall, The Army Painter’s Hobby Drill allows you to create unique and personalized designs that set your models apart.

The Hobby Drill contains:

  • Miniature Hobby Drill
  • 3 x drill bits: 1.00 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.8 mm