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The Army Painter Clay Sculpting Tools

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  • SUPERB CLAY SCULPTING TOOL SET: These sculpting tools, when used in conjunction with Green Stuff, offer the modeling hobbyist a range of different shapes for any sculpting project. The 3 sculpting tools have 6 different tips, making them very versatile.
  • "MULTIPLE USES: This tool set is great for a multitude of purposes like Basing and Molding Green Stuff. Positioning basing materials, or reshaping nearly finished bases are also great ways to put these tools to use. When building, for instance when using the GameMaster Terrain Sets these tools work great as way to weather and "damage" the XPS Foam Boards in a safe and controlled manner."
  • SAFETY INFORMATION: Pointy and sharp products included. May cause severe injury, not suitable for children under 9 years of age. Use under adult supervision.
  • WORKS WELL WITH GREEN STUFF PUTTY - Stainless tool set with precise tips, ideal for carving.
  • HIDE MOULD LINES AND FILL GAPS-Add details to make your minis unique with these clay sculpting tools