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The Army Painter Tufts - Battlefield Tufts: Frozen Tuft

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  • The Army Painter Tufts: Our Self Adhesive Static Grass Tufts Make it Easy for you to Quickly Add Life to your Miniature Bases. Simply Stick them on your Gaming Bases!
  • For Gaming Bases: If you want to be Extra Secure, Apply a bit of Battlefield Basing Glue PVA to the Model Grass Tuft before Applying it to your Miniature Bases or Diorama Bases
  • Themes for your Wargame Scenery: Whether your Miniature Model is Based in the Frozen Snow or is Surrounded by Green Grass Tufts, you can find a Set of Battlefield Tufts to fit the Theme!
  • Static Grass Tufts In 3 Sizes: Our Static Grass Tufts Set will supply you with 77 Static Tufts, where 12 are Large, 35 Medium and 30 Small
  • Model Scenery Grass: The Tufts are also Perfect for Diorama Building or Railway Modelling such as a Model Railroad or Model Railway Scenics, a Woodland or even Wargame Table