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Azur Lane - Trial Deck (Royal Navy)

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Set: Azur Lane Sealed
Release Date: 2023-10-27
The Azur Lane alliance has arrived onto the shores of Weiß Schwarz!

Trial Deck Azur Lane Royal Navy Ver.

With a distinguished lineage as well as a proud history, the Royal Navy fleet is ready defend their honor!

This Trial Deck is made up of only yellow cards. Every deck contains 1 foiled card!

Parallel cards are randomly sealed into decks! In addition, every deck you purchase is guaranteed to contain one of the following:

[RRR] Rare cards with special embossing (16 types)
[SP] Sign card of voice cast (4 types)

• Sora Amamiya (as Illustrious)
• Sumire Uesaka (as Warspite)
• Nozomi Yamane (as Javelin)
• Ruriko Aoki (as Dido)

Each Trial deck contains:
• A 50-card preconstructed deck
• A rule sheet
• Deck manual
• Playbook
• Paper playmat