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Contra: The Board Game

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Contra: The Board Game is a 1-4 player card and dice driven strategy/action board game based on the classic video game and designed by Adam and Brady Sadler. Inspired by the classic Contra video game, players take on the role of iconic commandos that must survive dangerous stages and face off against huge bosses as they strive to take down a mysterious organization.

Focusing on quick, modular gameplay, Contra: The Board Game lets players choose which commando decks they want to pit against which boss decks, all within a tactical stage map driven by a stage deck. Gameplay involves hand management, dice mitigation, and an elegant control point system that lets players gain the advantage over their foes.

Gameplay utilizes the highly acclaimed MDS (modular deck system) from Street Masters, Brook City, and Altar Quest. This allows a player to pick a commando’s unique deck, select a stage, then select an enemy to create a unique scenario that gives players a multitude of combinations
and re-playability.

1-4 players