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Kozuki Momonosuke [B]: 12cm DXF The Grandline Series Statue Figurine Vol.5 Bundled with 1 A.C.G. Compatible Theme Trading Card (18859)

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The DXF series features high-detailed, collectible STATIC figurines meticulously sculpted with uniform series scale from the popular anime series. The DXF figures could only be found in Japan's UFO Catcher games, and are difficult to get the exact figure you want.

Kozuki Momonosuke (光月モモの助) is the current shogun of Wano Country. The son of daimyo of Kuri Kozuki Oden and grandson of shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki, Momonosuke was born 28 years ago while his father Oden and mother Kozuki Toki were sailing with the Whitebeard Pirates. Though Momonosuke was rightfully the heir to the shogunate after Oden, the Kozuki Family was deposed by the Kurozumi Family during Oden's travels, and attempts were made on Momonosuke's life by Kurozumi Orochi's administration. Oden was executed when Momonosuke was 8, and Orochi and Kaidou began waging open warfare to eliminate the Kozuki bloodline. To keep Momonosuke safe, Toki sent him 20 years forward in time with several of his retainers.