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PS Vita

by Sony
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Immerse yourself in a world of gaming excellence with the Sony PlayStation Vita. Elevate your portable gaming experience to new heights with cutting-edge technology, a stunning OLED screen, and an extensive library of games that redefine handheld entertainment.

Key Features:

  1. 5-inch OLED Multi-touch Screen: Enjoy crystal-clear visuals on the vibrant 5-inch OLED screen. The multi-touch display provides precise control for an immersive gaming experience, whether you're navigating menus or engaging in intense battles.

  2. Dual Analog Sticks: Take control with precision using the dual analog sticks, offering a console-like gaming experience on a handheld device. Navigate virtual worlds, execute precise maneuvers, and enjoy enhanced gameplay freedom.

  3. Extensive Game Library: The PlayStation Vita boasts an extensive library of games, spanning genres from action and adventure to RPGs and indie titles. Dive into a world of entertainment with popular franchises and innovative experiences tailored for the Vita.

  4. Powerful Processing Power: Powered by a quad-core processor and a dedicated GPU, the PlayStation Vita delivers smooth graphics, responsive controls, and an overall high-performance gaming experience.

  5. Front and Rear Cameras: Capture memorable moments and engage in augmented reality experiences with the front and rear cameras. Add an extra layer of creativity to your gaming and social interactions.

  6. Built-in Wi-Fi and Optional 3G: Connect with friends, download games, and stay updated with the built-in Wi-Fi. Opt for the 3G model for on-the-go connectivity, enabling online multiplayer and content access wherever you are.

  7. PSN Integration: Seamlessly connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN) to access digital content, download games, and stay connected with the gaming community. Sync trophies, compare scores, and stay in the loop with the latest updates.

  8. Cross-Play and Cross-Buy: Enjoy cross-platform play with select games, allowing you to continue your gaming experience on the Vita from where you left off on the PS3 or PS4. Take advantage of cross-buy options to access games on multiple platforms with a single purchase.


  • Console
  • AC Adapter
  • Service Plan
  • Cleaning Voucher

Service plan must be registered within 30 days of purchase at Save Scum Restore - Disc Resurfacing, Retro Game Repair

*Pre-owned systems may contain minor cosmetic flaws that have no effect on game play.

*Based off availability, some controller, parts or cords may not be original hardware.