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Shinegreymon: Burst Mode [BT13-020] [Versus Royal Knights Booster]

by Digimon
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Set: Versus Royal Knight Booster
Card type: Digimon
Rarity: Super Rare
Digi type: Light Dragon
Play Cost: 15
Form: Mega
Attribute: Vaccine
Digivolve Cost: 5
Digivolve Cost Level: 6
[Burst Digivolve:0 from [ShineGreymon] by returning 1 [Marcus Damon] to hand At the end of the burst digivolution turn, trash this Digimon's top card] [When Digivolving] You may play 1 [Marcus Damon] from your hand without paying the cost. For the turn, the Tamer played by this effect is also treated as a 12000 DP Digimon, can't digivolve, and gains [Rush]. [Your Turn] [Once Per Turn] When one of your Tamers becomes suspended, trash the top card of your opponent's security stack.